How the billing works

Each server is billed on a daily usage on a 30-day billing period. Invoice is generated ten(10) days before the due date. You can add funds in your account from the client dashboard. All payments are added in your account after we verify. Payment verification usually it takes minutes or within 24 hours.

We manually review all first payment made by new clients which may take within 24 hours.

Servers that are powered off will still get billed.


  • All payments made are final. There are no refunds except for the following reasons:
  1.  new purchased service/server order with the first payment is unavailable or out of stock.
  2. Your plan is covered by the money back guarantee. Not all plans have money back guarantee.


Resizing/Upgrading Plan:
If you resize a server or changed your plan, you get a rebate on the unused days base on the daily rate. New billing cycle is applied in the new server. There are no rebates for destroyed/cancelled servers.

Rebates are non-refundable.

If your plan is under promo or discounted rate like quarterly, semi-annual or annual. The system will calculate base on daily rate.

You can use your available balance to purchase new servers/services.

Software Licenses:
There are no refunds on software licenses like cpanel or filemanager.

Transferring Site/Server to Another Account:
If you are transferring a site or server to another account your outstanding balance will be carried over to the new account if your balance is negative.


Our system automatically sends billing notifications. However we cannot guarantee email delivery to your inbox. Please check your spam folder. You are responsible for your invoices/billing with or without notice.