Use Cloud Base SMTP Service for Transactional Emails

Although you can use your server to send transactional emails such as notifications, password reset and others, we recommend using cloud base SMTP service providers.

Cloud Base SMTP Service advantage:
– send millions of emails
– faster email delivery
– higher deliverability rate
– IP reputation
– Domain reputation
– lessen the chance of being blocked by email providers

Some reasons why Email providers may block your mail:

  • IP reputation
  • Spammy messages
  • Domain reputation
  • Incorrect SPF or missing DKIM
  • You have been marked as spam by recipient or by anti-spam organizations

We recommend using our SMTP Services.

Cazaratech SMTP Services

Use Cases:

Transactional emails like welcome messages, email verification, password reset, purchase confirmation, invoices and other emails that is sent by your site.
– Your own Newsletter system.

Advantages of using SMTP services:

  1. High delivery rate
  2. Fast email delivery
  3. Higher rate limiting
  4. Reduce server load
  5. Prevent your server ip from blacklisting
  6. Prevent your server from being abused by spammers
  7. Prevent your email from blacklisting
  8. Predictable Pricing


  1. Real time stats
  2. Email logs
  3. Monthly reports
  4. Spam Filtering
  5. Hourly send rate limit
  6. SSL / TLS
  7. Daily bounce limit
  8. Overage Protection

Adding the SMTP Service

1. You can add SMTP service from the client dashboard under
Manage Services > Add Service > SMTP Services
2. Add your Sending Domains
Manage Mail > SMTP Accounts > Sending Domains
3. Add the DNS records
Manage Mail > SMTP Accounts
4. Add SMTP Users
Manage Mail > SMTP Accounts >Manage SMTP Users

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