GP Storage (General Purpose)

The GP Storage (General Purpose) is our hosting service that has generous amount of disk space for hosting web sites or files that needs to be accessible by browsers. It can be used to host your static files or web assets such as CSS, Javascripts, images and other media, tar, zip, or pdf files or even HTML and small PHP apps that doesn’t need a database. This service also includes proxy caching for static files for fast delivery and less load.


  • Shared Environment
  • Redundant Storage
  • NGINX, Apache, PHP 7
  • PHP max upload filesize = 5mb
  • PHP post max size = 5mb
  • PHP open base directory
  • PHP display error = on
  • PHP max execution time = 5 sec
  • FTP access
  • FTP max upload filesize = 10mb
  • Offsite Backup
  • Proxy and Cache for static files

Use Cases:

For small sites or startups:

  • Use as external storage to offload images and other media files.
  • Use as external storage that requires small PHP application for your API or other functions for your storage.

For development:

  • Cost effective for developing PHP applications.
  • If your application needs ample amount of storage.

Additional Notes:

– The offsite backup is stored in another data center for disaster recovery or hardware failure. It is NOT meant for reverting files or data in case you accidentally deleted a file in your repository.