Rsync Backup

The Rsync Backup is another type of offsite backup. It is a pull service unlike FTP backup/repo. This backup service will pull the files from your production server. It uses SSH connection and is more flexible. The process creates full and incremental backups. You can also set the backup interval to hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Rsync Backup is also good for large sites or huge amount of files.


  • Interval – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Full and incremental backups
  • SSH connection
  • For large sites with too many files
  • No file size limit

Please submit a ticket for us to configure for your server.

Additional notes:

  • While the Rsync Backup can backup large sites with many files the process will take longer depending the number of files and size of files. For large sites it could take hours for the backup process to complete.
  • No offsite backup