Getting Started

These steps will guide you how to create a server and setup your site with us.

  1. Domain Registration.
  2. Create a Server.
  3. Set your nameservers or DNS “A” record.
  4. Add a site in the server
  5. Add a database.
  6. Upload your files via FTP.
  7. Run the web installer.

1. Domain Registration

If you don’t have a domain yet you need to register one through a domain registrar.

2. Create a Server

To setup your site you will need a hosting space or server.

Go to your account and create a server.

dashboard > create a server

Important: You will receive an email notification when your server completed the build process. You will also receive the server details.

3. Set your nameservers or DNS “A” record.

After your server has been created you will need to set your nameservers or point your DNS “A” record to the server IP.

Option 1: Using our Manage DNS

– Login in your account and go to “Manage DNS” then add a zone/domain.

– Once the nameservers are ready, you will need to change the assigned nameservers from your domain registrar to the nameservers provided in “Manage DNS”.


Note: Once you make changes in your domain, it usually take up to 72 hours to fully propagate. Usually it takes only within 24 hours depending on your domain registrar.

Option 2: Using your own DNS / Cloudflare or your domain registrar.

Add an “A” record

Type: A
Value: your_server_ip_address
TTL: 1800

For TTL you can set it as low as 300 for faster propagation then later change it to 7200 or higher. You may also want to add a CNAME or A record for “www”.

4. Add a site in the server.

By default the primary domain has been automatically added when you created the server.

Our system creates automatically two users for your server.

  1. admin – You use this user to manage the server. Be careful when using this user because it has superuser privilege. You should not disclose the admin password but only to trusted people.
  2. webuser or regular user – (eg. “myusername”) You use this user to manage your site, site files, site database, mail, cron and other services for your site.


Login to hosting panel using your “webuser” or regular user:


WEB > (+) add domain

The “webuser” is a server user that you can use to access FTP.

Using subdomain for your site.

If you are going to use a subdomain (eg. for your site. You need to remove the alias (eg. that is automatically generated by the hosting panel. You can do this under “advanced options“.

Important: If the websites are under the same “webuser” then the user will have access to files of all your websites.

Note: If you did not receive the hosting panel login details in your inbox please check your spam folder or contact support.

5. Add a database

In most cases if you are setting up a CMS or script you will need a database.

To create a database please login to your web hosting panel and add a database.

Login to hosting panel using your “webuser”:

DB > (+) add database

The database information needed by CMS/scripts are:

  • Hostname (in most cases this is set as “localhost”)
  • Database name (please take note of the prefix)
  • Database user (please take note of the prefix)
  • Database user password

Before hitting the Submit button save the information someplace in your computer. You will use it on the web installer of your script.

To manage your database just simply login to phpmyadmin.

hosting panel > db > phpmyadmin

or type in your browser’s address bar


The database user should include the prefix.
(eg. yourwebuser_user1 )

6. Upload your files via FTP

In order for you to upload files to the server, you will need an FTP client software installed in your desktop/computer.

Here are some FTP softwares:

To use the FTP software you will need FTP account info of your server/host.

The FTP user has been sent to your email when you created the server.

  • FTP HOST = Your server IP address
  • FTP User = This is sent upon server activation.
  • FTP Pass = Your FTP account password.

The site directory should be

Note: Delete the default files inside the “public_html”.

To change the password of user:

  1. Login to hosting panel using your “admin“.
  2. user > “myusername” > edit

Using the Easy Package Downloader tool for script installation

The Package Downloader tool makes it very easy to download and extract popular scripts like wordpress, drupal and many free scripts.

  1. Download the tool from the client dashboard.
  2. Extract the package (autodl.php) and upload to your site via FTP.
  3. Run the tool via browser (

Note: You will need to generate a key to use the tool. You can get it on the tools page.

7. Run the web installer.

After you upload the files in your web space or server you can then run the web installer of the script from your browser.
Follow the instructions provided by the script.

That’s it! If you need help just contact support for FREE CMS/script installation. 🙂