SSL Certificate

Secure your website data with SSL certificates.

We offer two options.

  1. Free SSL
  2. Commercial SSL

Free SSL

Login to Hosting Panel using “admin” user:


user > (web/ftp user) > login as (webuser) > web > > edit

Check “SSL Support”

Click “Lets Encrypt Support”

Then hit “Save” button.

Commercial SSL

1. Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

Before you can generate an SSL certificate you will need the CSR from the server.

You can generate the CSR in your WHM or Web Panel or you can request to us by submitting a ticket.

Login to Hosting Panel using “admin” user:


user > webuser > login as webuser > web > > edit

Check “SSL Support”

Click “Generate CSR”

Please save the CSR and SSL Key in your computer. The key is needed when installing the SSL certificate.

If you wish for us to do it for your please submit the following info:

  • Country Name (2 letter code):
  • State or Province Name (full name):
  • Locality Name (eg, city):
  • Organization Name (eg, company):
  • Organizational Unit Name (eg, section):
  • Email Address :
  • Domain:

2. SSL certificate

Once you have the CSR you will be able to generate the SSL from your SSL provider/reseller or certificate authority.

To install your SSL certificate in your web panel:

user > webuser > login as websuer > web > > edit

Check “SSL support” and fill up the required fields (SSL certificate, SSL Key, SSL bundle)

You can also purchase the SSL certificate from us.

Make sure you have enough credits/funds if you wish to purchase the SSL certificate from us. It will be deducted from your account.

To purchase SSL certificate from us please go to your account dashboard and select from “Other Services”.

After purchase please submit a ticket with the following info:

  • SSL Product (eg. PositiveSSL):
  • Company Name:
  • Phone Number:
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State/Province:
  • Zip/Postal Code:
  • Country:
  • Approver Email (preferred emails are “[email protected]”, “[email protected]”):

NOTE: Usually the certificate authority requires “[email protected]” for the Approver email. You will need to have access to this email.

3. Verification from your approver email.

You will receive a verification/confimation from the certificate authority to your approver email.

After you have verified/confirm the approver email, the SSL certificate package file will be sent to your email.