Suspended and Cancelled Servers

Here are possible reasons why your servers are suspended and cancelled:

  1. Delinquent or Unpaid balance
  2. DDoS
  3. Overloading server due to very high resource usage (CPU/Disk IO)
  4. Violation of terms
  5. You have initiated the server destroy.

Suspended servers are just server on offline mode. Once the issues or unpaid balance has been resolved we will put your server back online.

Cancelled servers are destroyed servers. We give 5 days grace period for unpaid balances before we initiate the destroy. Once the server has been destroyed it will be provisioned for others to use.

The offsite backups will also be destroyed.

We will not be able to restore your site with a new server. You will need to start from scratch.


You can get our FTP Repo services to store your backup files in case you are out of budget and wanted to cancel your server.

You can get the FTP Repo service from the client dashboard under “Other Services”. Once you have the FTP Repo you can submit a ticket to transfer your backups.