Welcome to CazaraTech Knowledge Center!

This is the official knowledge center of CazaraTech.

You can find here how to use our services and tips on optimizing and managing your server and site.

The Quick Setup:

  1. Create a server
  2. Set your nameservers or DNS
  3. Add a database
  4. Upload your files via FTP or use the Easy Package Downloader

The Basics:

  1. Change password of Web/FTP user
  2. Add a site in hosting panel
  3. Changing PHP values
  4. Enable Free SSL Certificate
  5. Adding email account to Free Email Service
  6. Adding cron jobs
  7. Additional FTP users

Common Issues:

  1. Website is not displaying
  2. Database connection error
  3. Some Reasons Why Site or Server Goes Down

Basic Server Management:

  1. Set the server timezone
  2. Optimize your backups
  3. Manage your Firewall
  4. Checking the server load
  5. Restart the server and systems


  1. Use Cloud Base SMTP Service for Transactional Emails
  2. Managed Backup Servers
  3. Read our blog for more tips