Managed Backup Servers

To get Managed Backup Servers just simply create Storage Servers from the dashboard. Then submit a support ticket if you wish for us to configure to your server or site.

Our automatic offsite backup service can be configured to daily, weekly or monthly for extra data protection. It is very important to have offsite backups in case of server issues, so you can restore important data.

It is recommended to have your backups outside your server in the event of hardware failure.

For large sites specially with large size database, too many photos/images, large size video files and archive files such as zip and tar files we recommend getting our backup server. It is very affordable and is dedicated environment.

If you are exceeding the limits of our free offsite backups, you will be notified to get the backup server.

We suggest minimizing the size of your site for more reliable backups. Big backup files are more prone to corrupted backup archives. If your site or database is getting near a giga size, then its time to plan for backup servers or services.

Backups are not meant for reverting codes, content or an upgrade of your script. There are other tools for that. However if you really need to restore important data then you could do so. We do not however offer restoration of specific data. You will need to do it yourself or hire a professional.

We do not give any guarantee on backups. We only offer the servers or storage.

We monitor all backup servers and manage its system.

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