Website is not displaying

In some cases you get the 500 Internal Server error or other errors or simply the website is not displaying.

What to do:

1. Do not panic.

Nothing will be fixed if you started to panic and start doing mistakes. Even big websites get issues.

2. Check the server if accessible.

Try to access the server with ANY of the following.
– login to FTP
– login to hosting panel (https://your_server_ip:8083)
– go to your browser (http://your_server_ip)

If you are able to access the server in any of the above options then it means it is online.

IF you are not able to access the server then reboot.

Login to your account dashboard.

client dashboard > manage > system > power cycle


3. Check available disk space

Login to your hosting panel using “admin”.

server > show: CPU / MEM / NET / DISK > disk

If there’s no available disk then you need to delete some files in your server.

If your site is huge then maybe the backup is consuming all disk space.

Try to exclude directories in your backup.

Learn more from “Managing your backups“.

After cleaning the server and removing some files please restart the apache/httpd and mysql. Proceed to step #4.


4. Check if HTTPD/Apache and MySQL have crashed.

If you are able to access the server then do the following:

1. Login to your hosting panel using “admin” user.


2. Check If the HTTPD/Apache2 is online. If it is not online then it crashed.

server > httpd/apache2 > start/restart

3. Check if the database server (MySQL) is running. If not then start/restart.

server > MySQL > start/restart

IF restarting the HTTP and MySQL did not fix the issue then try to restart the server.

server > > restart


5. Investigate website error logs.

If restarting the server/systems did not do the trick then check your site error logs.

You can download your site error logs from the hosting panel.

web > > view logs > download ErrorLog

If you see errors then it is probably causing your site to crash.

Hire a developer to check and fix the issues.



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